The Faculty of Physics
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   The main direction of scientific research of the department is studying of mass transfer mechanisms and kinetics in real crystals.

   8 habilitations and 44 Ph.D. theses have been prepared and defended by scientists of the department for years of its existence more than 1500 papers were published in scientific journals of the USSR, Ukraine and abroad. Following monographies are published on the results of researches of scientific school: «Macroscopic defects in crystals », «Physics of sintering» - two editions in our country and one in Germany, «the Motion of macroscopical inserts in crystals» - two editions, one of them in the USA, «The Diffusion band », « Diffusion processes on a crystal surface».

   Popular scientific books for a wide range of readers: «Why and how emptiness disappears» - three editions, «The flive crystal» - four editions, «Sketches about a diffusion in crystals » - three editions, "Drop" - three editions, "Bubbles" were published in the USSR and abroad.


   Now the department carries out training of specialists on two directions: «Physics of crystals» and «Physics and technology of functional materials». The latter is carried out in cooperation with NTC «Institute of single crystals» NAS of Ukraine.

   Scientific and Educational center «Functional materials » which carries out research within the framework of the State program «Science at universities » was found on the base of the Department and ISMA NAS of Ukraine.

   The department is base department for NTK «Institute of single crystals» NAS of Ukraine and has wide and effective scientific relations with many scientific institutions: ILTPE NAS of Ukraine (Kharkov), «Institute for problems in material science» NAS of Ukraine (Kiev), A.V.Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna), Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Inter-regional center on use of bundles of difficult ions (GANIL, France), University of the city of Uppsala (Sweden), Bar-Ilan University (Israel).