The Faculty of Physics

Yezerska Olena Volodymyrivna (Ezerskaya Elena Vladimirovna in Russian transcription)

    Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor of the Theoretical Physics Department named by academician I.M. Lifshits;

    Теl.: +38 (057) 707-54-30
    Аddress: Physical Faculty, Svoboda sqr.,4, Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine.

1974-1979: Kharkov State University, Department of Physics, MS Diploma“with excellence” (Physics)
1979-1982: Postgraduate Course of Kharkov State University. Candidat of Science. (Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Physics of Magnetic Phenomena) Thesis: “Some Properties of Magnetic Systems with Anisotropic Exchange Interaction”
1993- Present: Associate professor of the Dept. of Theoretical physics, Physical Faculty of Kharkov State University.
1990-1993: Associate professor of the Dept. of General Physics, Physical Faculty of Kharkov State University.
1986-1990 Associate professor of the Department of Theoretical physics (part time)
1983-1986: assistant professor of the Department of Theoretical physics (part time)
1982-1987: Junior Research Fellow, 1987-1990: Research Fellow, Physical Faculty.
1993- Present: Graduate Courses "Electrodynamics", "Quantum Mechanics", Advanced Courses in Theoretical Physics "Theory of Magnetism", “Solid State Theory”, "Dynamics of Crystal Lattice", "Theory of Metals" 1983-Present: instructor in principal divisions of theoretical physics :"Theoretical Mechanics", "Electrodynamics", "Quantum Mechanics"
1990-1993: Undergraduate Course for students of Natural Sciences “General Physics
1992-Present: Supervisor for MS, 2001-Present: Supervisor for Ph.D.

SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY (Selected publications):

  • Ezerskaya E.V., Tsukernik V.M. Quantum Stationary States of the Quasi-One-Dimensional Magnetic System //Low Temperature Physics, 1983, Vol.9, No 10, P.1082-1091.
  • Ezerskaya E.V. Stationary States of Quasi-One-Dimensional Magnetic System with Comb Structure // Low Temperature Physics, 1995, Vol.21, No 9, P.732-735.
  • Cheranovskii V.O., Ezerskaya E.V.. Analytical and Numerical Results for the Spectrum of the Modified One-Dimensional Kondo-Lattice Model// Phys.Rev.B. – 1997. - V. 55, N 18. - P.12480-12487.
  • Cheranovskii V.O., Ezerskaya E.V., Krikunov M.V. Excitation spectrum of Hubbard Model with Infinite Electron Repulsion on Strip-Type Triangular Lattices // Int.J.Quant.Chem. - 2001, V. 81, N 4. - P. 253-259.
  • Cheranovskii V.O., Ezerskaya E.V. and Ozkan I. The energy spectrum of a spin-1/2 ladder with mixed interactions// J. Phys.: Condensed Matter. - 2001, V.13, N 20. - P.4525-4534.
  • Cheranovskii V.O., Ezerskaya E.V., Ozkan I. Energy spectrum of extended Hubbard model with spin-dependent hopping and related spin ladder model.// Int.Journ.Quant. Chem. - 2002. - V. 88, N 4. - P.398-402.
  • Cheranovskii V.O., Ezerskaya E.V., Kuznetsova T.O. On the energy spectrum of a spin lattice formed by finite number of coupled spin ½ XY chains.// J. Phys.: Condensed Matter. - 2002. - V. 14, N 34. - P.8025-8032.
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  • Cheranovskii V.O., Ezerskaya E.V. On the Energy Spectrum and Ground state Properties of the Decorated Heisenberg Spin Tube // Acta Physica Polonica. – 2010. – V. 118, N 5. – P. 946-947.
  • Cheranovskii V.O., Ezerskaya E.V., Klein D.J., Kravchenko A.A. Magnetic properties of model non-carbon nanotubes with macroscopic value of ground state spin // Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. – 2011. – V.323, N 12. – P. 1636-1642