The Faculty of Physics

Viktor M. Horbach

    Associate Professor, Department of General Physics;

    Address:  Svobody sq. 4, Faculty of Physics KNU, 61022,
    Kharkov, Ukraine
    Phone: +38 (057) 707-56-30;

   In 1969 he graduated from the Faculty of Physics of the Kharkiv State University. A. M. Gorky. After graduating from the university, he works at the Department of General Physics successively in the positions of assistant, senior researcher, associate professor. He has the academic title of Associate Professor. In 1984 he defended his Ph.D. thesis "Orientational phase transitions in hexaferites".
Range of scientific interests: magnetic properties of matter, methodological support of the educational process, computer modeling.
Educational work: teaches courses: "Methods for obtaining and using static and pulsed magnetic fields", "Fundamentals of the physics of magnetic phenomena", "The nature of magnetism", "Physics of magnetic phenomena in problems and experiments", conducts laboratory work at a special workshop on the physics of magnetic phenomena, practical classes in general physics.
Main publications: 1. V. N. Gorbach, Yu. A. Mamaluy. Spin-reorientation phase transitions in W-type hexaferrites. Ukr. J. Phys. -1983. -V. 28. No. 6. – p. 901-906. (in Russian).
2. V. N. Gorbach, Yu. A. Mamaluy. Spin-reorientation phase transitions in hexaferrites with a block angular structure. Physics of high pressures. - 1985. -v. 20.-p.13-20. (in Russian).
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