The Faculty of Physics

Khatsko Eugene Nikolaevich

    Leading researcher of magnetism department of ILTPE of NASU professor of general physics department of KhNU ;

    Address:  47 Lenin ave. 61103 Kharkov, Ukraine.
    Phone: +38 (057) 341-09-20;

   In 1960 Khatsko graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Department of Kharkov State University as a "physics". After graduation he works in the Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of National Akademy of Science of Ukraine as research assistant (1960-1975), scientific secretary (1975-1982), senior research fellow (1982-2001), and from 2001 – as a leading researcher. In 1973 he defended his thesis of candidate of science and in 1995, p. – doctor of science thesis. In 1980 he was awarded the title of senior scientific officer in 2008 - the title of professor. From 1998. He has been working part-time at the Department of General Physics of Kharkov National University.
Member of the Ukrainian Physical Society, a member of the Specialized Council for defending theses Д.64.175.02 in the ILTPE of NASU
   The direction of scientific activity – investigation of static, resonance and dynamic properties of highly anisotropic magnets
   Gave the courses:"Phenomenological methods in physics of magnetic phenomena," "Modern problems of magnetism." Last give courses "Magnetic properties of metals" and "Magnetic phase transitions."   Recent publication
1. E. Lhotel, E. N. Khatsko and C. Paulsen, Resonant quantum tunneling of spin chains in a three-dimensional magnetically ordered state, PRB 74, 020402, 2006.
2. Gnatchenko S., Kobets M., Khatsko E., Baran M.,Shymczak R., Lemmens P., and Berger H., Magnetic and Resonance Properties Of The Two-Dimensional S=1 Compound Ni5(TeO3)4Cl2 with Frustrated Geometry, Low Temp. Phys, 34, 630, 2008
3. Kobets M.I., Dergachev K.G., Gnatchenko S.L., Khatsko E.N., Vysochanskii Ju.M., and Gurzan M.I., Antiferromagnetic resonance in Mn2P2S6, Low Temp. Phys, 35, 930, 2009
4. Lhotel E., Khatsko E. N. and Paulsen C, Relaxation in the 3D ordered CoTAC spin chain by quantum nucleation of 0D domain walls, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 15 ,С 042111-1-042111-4, 2009.
5. Kobets M.I., Dergachev K.G., Khatsko E.N., Rykova A.I., Lemmens P., Wulferding D., and Berger H., Microwave absorption in the frustrated ferrimagnet Cu2OSeO3, Low Temp. Phys, 36 , 176, 2010
6. M. I. Kobets, K. G. Dergachev, E. N. Khats’ko, V. A. Pashchenko, and Yu. A. Savina, EPR in the molecular magnet {Cu6[(MeSiO2)6]2}⋅6DMF, Low Temp. Phys, 36 ,290, 2010
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