The Faculty of Physics

Kondratyev Boris Viktorovich

    Doctor in physics and mathematics, Associate Professor of department of higher mathematics of physical faculty;

    Теl.: +38 (057) 707-53-07;
    Аddress: Office 5-32, Physics Faculty of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Maidan Svobody, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61022.
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   Was born on October, 23rd in 1931. Has arrived in the Kharkov state university on physical and mathematical faculty in 1950 and has ended physicotechnical faculty in December 1955г. On a speciality the theoretical physics. Was given assignment in the Kharkov teacher training college on chair of higher mathematics and mechanics. Gave lectures on methods of mathematical physics and has started to be engaged in scientific work under the direction of V.P.Shestopalov.
   In 1957 has arrived in postgraduate study on RFF, under the direction of V.P.Shestopalov. Was engaged in calculations of different types of spiral wave guides (basis ЛБВ – lamps with a running wave).
   After postgraduate study has gone to work as the assistant on chair of mathematical physics of mehaniko-mathematical faculty HGU (chair supervised over the prof. V.A.Marchenko). After formation of chair of higher mathematics of physical faculty has passed to this chair (autumn 1962), over chair supervised доц. Agranovich Z.S.
   The dissertation has protected in May, 1963, there considered interaction cпирали with an electronic bunch and influence various магнитодиэлектриков, radiation from the spiral end.
Some time worked on хоздоговорной to a theme on chair of microwave oven RFF. Counted strip lines of transfers. Here it was necessary to study well elliptic functions of Jakobi and different ways of conformal displays.
   Many scientific articles have been written, many times acted and at scientific conferences. In total about 80 scientific works. As has written about 20 uchebno-methodical grants.
   Taught usually methods of mathematical physics, in ancient times it was three semester, now, unfortunately, only two. But on an evening department it was necessary to conduct all sections of mathematics from the first to the last.
   Gave lectures on MMF on RFF continuously since 1962, many times it was necessary to read the same course at physical faculty and on physicotechnical (while they were in one building).
   With the big hunting always was engaged in public work. Still being the schoolboy supervised over an astronomical circle in a society of young physicists and mathematicians in a palace of pioneers. The student supervised over university lecture bureau. Gave popular lectures about atomic energy and on antireligious themes at the city and area enterprises. Already being the employee of university worked in national control, in different groups at educational department HGU, worked much in party bodies.