The Faculty of Physics

Krive Ilya Valentinovich

    professor of theoretical physics department named by academician I.M.Lifshits;

    Теl.: +38 (057) 707-54-30
    Аddress: Physical Faculty, Svoboda sqr.,4, Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine..

   Was born on July, 8, 1948 in Moscow (Russia). Graduated from the Physics and Technology Department of Kharkov State University in 1972. He worked at Kharkov State University since 1972 as an junior reseacher, since 1977 as a senior researcher, in 1988-1991 as a leading researcher. Since 1992 works in B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (ILTPE) in the department of theoretical physics on position of leading researcher. In 1977 he defended his Ph.D. thesis "On Phase transitions in a field models with spontaneous symmetry breaking". In 1988 defended his doctoral thesis "The Theory of condensates in the relativistic models under extreme external conditionsHe was director and co-executor in charge of many international projects. Laureate of State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology (2006).
Total number of publications – more than 170, including eight review papers, participated in more than 40 domestic and international conferences.
   Since 2006 is a professor of the department of theoretical physics V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University concurrently.
   Scientific Interests: mesoscopic physics.
Lecture courses: physics of the dispersible systems, mesoscopic physics.
   Gave lectures in the International center of theoretical physics the name of Abdus Salam (Trieste, Italy), in the Technical university of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Published 3 text-books in Trieste and in our country.

Selected scientific publications

  • On vacuum stability in  – model / Krive I. V., Linde A.D. // Nucl. Phys. B.- 1976.- V. 117, No. 1.-P. 265-268.
  • Supersymmetry in quantum mechanics / Gendenshteyn L.E., Krive I.V. // UFN .- 1985 .- V. 146, No.4 .- P. 553-590.
  • Macroscopic quantum tunneling in antiferromagnets / Krive I. V., Zaslavskіі О. B. // J. Phys.: Cond. Matt.- 1990.- V. 2, No. 47.- P. 9457-9462.
  • Aharonov-Bohm oscillations in a one-dimensional Wigner crystal ring / Krive I. V., Sandstrom P., Shekhter R. I., Girvin S. M.,  Jonson M. // Phys. Rev. B.- 1995.- V. 52, No. 15.- P.10865-10871.
  • Nanoelectromechanical coupling in fullerene peapods probed by resonant electrical transport experiments/ Utko. P., Ferrone R., Krive I. V., Shekhter R.I., Jonson M., Monthioux M., Noe L., Nygard J.  // Nature Com.- 2010.- V. 1, - P. 37-1-37-6.