The Faculty of Physics

Lyubimov Oleg Ivanovich

    Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor of the Theoretical Physics Department named by academician I.M. Lifshits;

    Теl.: +38 (057) 707-54-30
    Аddress: Physical Faculty, Svoboda sqr.,4, Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine.

   Was born on May, 1, 1940. In December of 1964 graduated from the Physical Faculty of Kharkov State University.
   In 1965-1966 worked as Assistant Professor at the Department of High Mathematics of Physical Faculty.
   Since 1967 works at the Theoretical Physics Department named by academician I.M. Lifshits (Previously Department Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics) as Assistant Professor, then Senior Lecturer and from 1980 as Associate Professor .
   For many years was Acting Secretary of the department.
   In 1974 year defended Ph.D. Thesis "To the theory of high frequency phenomena in metal in magnetic field" by specialty 01.04.02 - Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.
   Has over 60 publications. Was supervisor of 1 Ph.D. student.

Scientific interests: Solid State Physics.

Lecture Courses: Electrodynamics, Quantum Mechanics, Solid State Theory.
Was Supervisor for one Ph.D. Student.

Selected publication:
1. Surface sound waves theory in metals in a weak magnetic field / Grishin A.M., Kaner E.A.,.L'ubimov O.I, Makarov N.M. // Solid State Communications, 1970, vol. 8, N 8, P. 581-585.
2. О возможности распространения допплеронов в металлах с открытой ферми-поверхностью / Канер Э.А., Любимов О.И. // ЖЭТФ, 1974, T.65, вып.2, 778-789.
3. Эффект запаздывания в циклотронном резонансе / Канер Э.А., Любимов О.И., Макаров Н.М. // ЖЭТФ, 1974, T.67, вып.1, C. 316-333.
4. Циклотронный резонанс в металлах в слабых магнитных полях / Э.А.Канер, О.И.Любимов, Н.М.Макаров, И.Б.Шапиро // ЖЭТФ, 1979, T.77, вып.3, 1183-1195.
5. О.И.Любимов, Н.М.Макаров, В.А.Ямпольский. Нелинейный скин-эффект в металах. ЖЭТФ, т.85, №6, C. 2159-2170. 1983.
6. F.Perez-Rodriguez, O.I.Lubimov, N.M.Makarov, V.A.Yampolskiy. Size effect in hard supercondactors at unilateral excitation. Appl. Phys. Lett. vol. 67, No 3, P. 419-421, 1995.
7. Yu.G.Gurevich, G.N.Logvinov, O.I.Lubimov, O.Yu.Titov. Nature of the thermopower in bipolar semiconductors. Phys. Rev. B. vol. 51, No.11, P. 6999-7004, 1995.
8. О.И.Любимов, Г.А.Субботина. Переходное излучение плазменных волн в джозефсоновском контакте. Вестник ХНУ, № 783, серия “Физика”, вып. 10, C. 59-61, 2007.