The Faculty of Physics

Shevchenko Vasilij Grigorijevich

    associate professor of Astronomy Department;

    Phone: +38 (057) 707-54-70;
    Address: Svobody sq. 4, 2-7, Kharkiv, 61077.

   Finished School of Physics of Kharkiv A. M. Gorky State University with specialty “Astronomy” in 1982. Served in the Armed forces as military officer of air defence from 1982 to 1984. Worked as junior scientific researcher at the Astronomical Observatory of Kharkiv State University from the beginning of 1985, from 1992 – Scientific researcher, from 1998 – Senior Researcher at the Institute of Astronomy of Kharkiv V. N. Karazin National University. From 2006 he works as associated professor at the Astronomy Department of the School of Physics.
   He had defended his PhD thesis «Photometry of asteroids: phase dependences of brightness, photometrical model» in 1997. Member of Division III Commission 15 “Physical Study of Comets and Minor Planets” of International Astronomical Union from 2006, and member of European Astronomical Society. The International Astronomical Union has named an asteroid 17034 1999 FS9 as Vasylshev in 2005. He is a Laureate of the Barabashov Prize of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. He has over 150 scientific publications.

Field of research – Physics of Solar System bodies, photometry of minor planets.

He lectures courses: «Practical Astrophysics», «Physics of Planets», «Computer Sciences» and leads the Astrophysics practice.

Main scientific publications:

1. Shevchenko V. G., Slyusarev I. G., Belskaya I. N. Revised Albedos of Trojan asteroids (911) Agamemnon and (4709) Ennomos. Meteoritic and Planetary Sciences. 2014. Vol. 49, No. 1, p. 103-108.
2. Shevchenko V.G., Belskaya I.N., Slyusarev I.G., Krugly Yu.N., Chiorny V.G., Gaftonyuk N.M., Donchev Z., Ivanova V., Ibrahimov M.A., Ehgamberdiev Sh., Molotov I. 2012. Opposition effect of Trojan asteroids. Icarus, 217, 202-208.
3. Belskaya I. N., Fornasier S., Krugly Yu. N., Shevchenko V. G., Gaftonyuk N. M., Barucci M. A., Fulchignoni M., R. Gil-Hutton. 2010. Puzzling asteroid 21 Lutetia: our knowledge prior to the Rosetta fly-by. Astron. Astropys. V. 515. P. A29-A37.
4. Shevchenko V. G., Tungalag N., Chiorny V. G., Gaftonyuk N. M., Krugly Yu. N., Harris A. W., Young J. W. 2009. CCD-Photometry and pole coordinates for eight asteroids. Planet. Space Sci., v. 57. No. 12, p. 1514-1520.
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