The Faculty of Physics

Stepanovsky Yurii Petrovich

    Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor of the Theoretical Physics Department named by academician I.M. Lifshits;

    Теl.: +38 (057) 707-54-30.
    Аddress: Physical Faculty, Svoboda sqr.,4, Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine.

   Was born on February, 2, 1938, in Kharkov. In 1960 graduated from the Nuclear Division of the Physical Faculty of the Kharkov State University.
   In 1969 defended Ph.D. Thesis "The Group of the Six-dimensional Rotations and its Application to the Investigation of the Polarized Arbitrary Spin Particles" by specialty Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.
   From 1960 to 1990 worked as a junior researcher, a researcher, a senior researcher at Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology (KIPT), and from 1990 until the present time is a leading researcher of KIPT.
   In 1964-1982 worked as a lecturer at the Theoretical Nuclear Physics Department of the Faculty of Physics and Technology of the Kharkov State University. From 1974 simultaneously is a lecturer concurrently at the Theoretical Physics Department of the Physical Faculty of the Kharkov State University. From 1984 until the present time is an associate professor of this Department. In 1984-2007 worked also as an associate professor of the Department of experimental Physics of the Physical Faculty concurrently.
   Stepanovsky Yu. P. was delivered the lectures on Atomic and Nuclear Physics, on General Theory of Relativity, on Quantum Electrodynamics, on History of Physics etc.
   Has over 90 publications. Was supervisor of one Ph.D. student.
   Scientificinterests: – Relativistic Wave Equations, Quantum Electrodynamics.
   LectureCourses: Quantum Field Theory, Foundations of Physics on Philosophical Faculty.

   Selected publications:
1. Stepanovskii Yu. P. Wave equations for massless fields // Theoretical and Mathematical Physics. – vol.47, No 3. - 343-351.
2. Bakay A.S., Stepanovskii Yu. P. Adiabatic invariants. - Kiev, Naukova Dumka, 1981, 264 p.
3. Stepanovski Yu.P. Conical refraction of particles with spin ½ // Nuclear Physics, 1982, T. 35, № 2, p. 336-339.
4. AI Akhiezer, P. Stepanovski. From the quanta of light to the color quarks. - Kiev, Naukova Dumka, 1993, 120 p.
5. Lyubchenko M.V., Stepanovsky Yu.P. Conical Refraction of Relativistic Particles with Spin 1/2 and 1.// Ukrainian Journal of Physics. - 2007, vol. 52, N 5, p.485-488.