The Faculty of Physics

Ulyanov Vladimir Vladimirovich

    DSc in physics and mathematics, professor, Professor emeritus of theoretical physics department named after academician I. M. Lifshits;

    Теl.: +38 (057) 707-54-30
    Аddress: Physical Faculty, Svoboda sqr.,4, Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine.

  Physicist, educator; b. Kharkov, Ukraine, June 26, 1934.
Diploma with distinction, U. Kharkov, 1957, PhD in Theoretical Physics, 1975, DSc, 1987. Asst. lectr. U. Kharkov, 1960-62, instr., 1962-1976, asst. prof. physics, 1976-87, prof. physics, 1989 –; head dept. theoretical physics, U. Kharkov, 1981-93. Professor emeritus of theoretical physics department named by academician I. M. Lifshits (retired) – April, 2015.
Thesis for a candidate’s degree (PhD): “Particularities of quantum mechanical motion in undergoing sharply change fields” (1975). Thesis for a Doctor’s degree (DSc): “Integral methods in quantum theory of local nonuniformities and periodical structures” (1987).
List of works contains more than 300 articles, reviews, monographs, text-books, popular science booklets, etc.
Field of scientific interests: theoretical physics, quantum theory.
Achievements include: integral methods in the quantum theory; new methods in the quantum theory of spin systems; new quasi-exactly solvable models; computer investigations of quantum phenomena.
Lecture Course: Theoretical physics in physical faculty of Kharkov University.
Main scientific works:
·  Problems in Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Statistics, Vysshaya Shkola, Kharkov (1980). (in Russian)
·  Integral Methods in Quantum Mechanics, Vysshaya Shkola, Kharkov (1982). (in Russian)
·  Methods of Quantum Kinetics, Vysshaya Shkola, Kharkov (1987). (in Russian)
·  New methods in the theory of quantum spin systems / Ulyanov V. V, Zaslavskii О. B. // Phys. Rep. - 1992. - V. 216, № 4. - P. 179-251.
·  Introduction to Quantum Kinetics, V.N.Karazin NU, Kharkov (2004). (in Ukrainian)
·  New Quasi-exactly Solvable Models in the Quantum Theory of Spin Systems, V.N.Karazin NU, Kharkov (2005, co-autor Yu.V.Vasilevskaja). (in Russian)
·  Fractals: from Mathematics to Physics, V.N.Karazin NU, Kharkov (Part 1, 2005, co-author
Е.N. Synelnyk); (Part 2, 2010, co-author A.V. Lymar). (in Russian)
·  Computer Investigations of Quantum Phenomena, V.N.Karazin NU, Kharkov (Part 1, 2011, co-author N.V.Ulyanov). (in Russian)