The Faculty of Physics

Yegorenkov Volodymyr Dmytrovych


    DSc in Physics and Mathematics,
    full professor at the chair of experimental physics;

    Telephone:+38 (057) 707-54-07 (Sinelnikov Room),
    Address: V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University,
    Department of Physics, 6 Svobody Square, Kharkov 61022

   In 1968 he graduated “with excellence” from the department of physics and technology of the A.M.Gorky Kharkov State University. In 1974 he finished the post-graduate studies at the same University and defended the candidate thesis (Ph.D.) entitled “Stability and turbulence of finite pressure non-uniform anisotropic plasma”. In 1992 he defended the doctor thesis (Dr.Sc.) “Influence of kinetic effects on electromagnetic oscillation spectra, instability and turbulence of finite pressure non-uniform anisotropic plasma”. He worked at Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology as a senior laboratory worker (1969-1971 yrs.), at Special Design Bureau of Radio Isotope Apparatuses as a junior scientific worker (1974-1978 yrs.). Since 1978 he worked at A.M.Gorky Kharkov State University as a senior scientific worker at the Laboratory of Plasma Technology Processes. Since 1992  he worked as an associate professor and then (since 1994 until now) as a full professor at the chair of experimental physics of V.N.Karazin Kharkov National University.

Member of specialized doctor scientific Council Д 64.051.12 in specialty 01.04.08 – plasma physics (phys.-math. sciences) at V.N.Karazin Kharkov National University; member of specialized doctor scientific Councilа Д 64.845.02 in specialty 01.04.02 – theoretical physics (phys.-math.sciences) at National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”.
 Member of board of editors for the journal “Physical Surface Engineering”.
Directions of scientific activity – physics of plasma and gas discharge.
He teaches courses in general physics : “Mechanics”, “Molecular physics”, “Electricity and magnetism”, “Optics”, “Atomic physics”, “Nuclear physics and elementary particles”. He also teaches problem solving and laboratory for courses listed above.

Main scientific publications.

1. Electromagnetic instabilities of finite pressure anisotropic plasma with hot electrons / K.N.Stepanov, V.D.Yegorenkov // Plasma Physics. – 1973. – V. 15. – P. 627-634.
2. Электронные циклотронные К-моды в плазме / Егоренков В. Д., Степанов К. Н. // Журнал экспериментальной и теоретической физики. – Т. 94, №2, - 1988. – С. 116-124.
3. RF breakdown of low-pressure gas and a novel method for determination of electron-drift velocities in gases / Lisovskiy V. A., Yegorenkov  V. D. // Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. – 1998. – V. 31. – P. 3349-3357.
4. Dc breakdown of low pressure gas in long tubes/ V. Lisovskiy,V.Koval, V.Yegorenkov// Physics Letters A.- 2011- V. 375.- p. 1986-1989.
5. Electron transport parameters in NF3/Lisovskiy, Valeriy; Yegorenkov, V; Ogloblina, P; Booth, Jean; Martins, Sofia; Landry, Karine; Douai, David; Cassagne, Valerick..// J. Phys. D : Applied Physics -2014- V.47, 115203 (12pp)
6. Simple model of reduced electric field in ambipolar regime of dc discharge positive column in hydrogen /V. A. Lisovskiy, E. P. Artushenko and V. D. Yegorenkov.// Journal of Plasma Physics -2015- V. 81 / 905810312 (7 pages)
7. Child–Langmuir law applicability for a cathode sheath description of glow discharge in hydrogen /V A Lisovskiy, K P Artushenko and V D Yegorenkov..// Physica Scripta -2016-V.91  085601 (9pp)
8. Influence of the inter-electrode gap on the cathode sheath characteristics (voltage drop across it and its thickness)/ Lisovskiy, V.A., Artushenko, K.P., Yegorenkov, V.D. //Physics of Plasmas - 2017- V.24, 053501