The Faculty of Physics

Fil Dmitriy Vyacheslavovich


    DSc in physics and mathematics, Professor of theoretical physics department named after academician I. M. Lifshits;

    Telephone:+38 (057) 707-52-61;
    Address: V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University,
    Department of Physics, 4 Svobody Square, Kharkov 61022;

   Born in 1963 in Oboyan’ of Kursk Region. In 1986 he graduated from the Physical-Technical Faculty of Kharkov State University named after M. Gorky, specialty "theoretical nuclear physics." Since 1986 he has been working at the Institute of Single Crystals NAS of Ukraine, since 2002 - at the position of leading researcher. In 1988 he defended his PhD thesis on solid state physics "The excitation of spin waves in ferromagnetic semiconductors by strong electromagnetic fields." In 1990-1991 he had been an intern at the Dortmund Technical University for academic exchange program of Germany. In 1994 he received the title of senior researcher in the specialty "Solid State Physics". From 1999 to 2002 - a doctoral student of the Institute of Single Crystals NAS of Ukraine. In 2002 he defended a Doctor of Science thesis in theoretical physics "Collective phenomena involving phonons in low-dimensional strongly correlated systems". In 2004-2008 he worked part-time associate professor, professor of the Physical Department of Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport and professor of the department of technical cryogenic physics National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute". Since September 2015 he is working as part-time professor at the Department of Theoretical Physics named after academician I.M. Lifshits of Kharkiv National University named after  V.N. Karazin.
Research interests: the electromagnetic properties of two-dimensional crystals and semiconductor heterostructures, superconductivity and superfluidity in low dimensional systems. He was the supervisor of one PhD student. He is the author of more than 70 scientific articles.
Lecture courses: Advanced courses "Physical kinetics" and "The theory of low-dimensional systems" for the MS students.

Selected scientific publications:
1. Lattice-mediated interaction of Cu2+ Jahn-Teller ions in insulating cuprates / D. V. Fil, O. I. Tokar, A. L. Shelankov, W. Weber // Phys. Rev. B.— 1992.— V.45, No 10.—P. 5633-5640.
2. Nondissipative drag of superflow in a two-component Bose gas / D. V. Fil, S. I. Shevchenko // Phys. Rev. A.—2005.—V. 72, No 1.—P. 013616 (1-9).
3. Relaxation of superflow in a network: Application to the dislocation model of supersolidity of helium crystals / D. V. Fil, S. I. Shevchenko // Phys. Rev. B.—2009.—V. 80, No 10.—P. 100501 (1-4).
4. Josephson vortex motion as a source for dissipation of superflow of e–h pairs in bilayers / D. V. Fil, S. I. Shevchenko // Jour. of Phys.: Condens. Matt.—2009.—V. 21, No 21.—P. 215701 (1-9).