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   The scientific direction of the department - Physics of magnetic phenomena. Research related to the study of physical properties of certain classes of magnetic and dielectric crystals. Developing such modern trends as studies of magnetism Ultra small particles and multilayer thin films, properties of frustrated magnetic and electrical systems, methods of computer simulation of physical phenomena. Based on the studies of magnetic properties of base and substituted hexagonal ferrites developed specific options for devices that vykorystovuvayutsya in the technique of high and ultrahigh frequencies. A new and emerging technologies (kriohimichna and radiation-thermal) obtain fine ferrite powders for creating effective pidmahnichuyuchyh environments and environments for vertical high density magnetic recording. The department issued about 400 experts, reserved 4 doctoral and 23 master's theses. Developments reserved 21 patents. Over the past 10 years, published 95 articles in leading national and international scientific journals. The Department is the lead agency in the SCC of Ukraine with specialization 01.04.11 - magnetism.
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